Resilient people adapt well when they face adversity, trauma, tragedy and significant stress. They don’t stay stuck in the negative; they learn and move on. They have embedded defense mechanisms into their lifestyle that help them combat the difficult stuff of life.

When someone rejects your proposal, doesn’t give you the raise you think you deserve, ignores your calls or email, or makes an inconsiderate comment, it can ruin your day. Don’t let it. And don’t ruin everyone else’s spreading the negativity like confetti. Learn from it, process it, and throw it off.

Then there are bigger issues that can completely sideline us, such as job loss, burnout, disease, abuse, divorce, or the death of a loved one. They are tough — really tough. But some can still take the time and get the help needed to process through these awful turns in life and keep moving ahead in a positive, sometimes even inspiring way.

Incredible. How do they do it?

Here are five weapons to consider in your coping arsenal:

  1. Clarifying goals can boost resilience. Knowing what it is you are trying to accomplish, living your mission and passion and crystalizing your vision going forward can spark that light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Planning and organizing can help us have a better sense of how we are in control. When the endless loops in our brain overwhelm us with a sense of dread, we need to break free. Making a list, setting priorities, and making a plan of attack puts us back in control in these situations. Even when we get support from others to find our next steps, we are making progress instead of feeling stuck.

  3. Laughter can be the best medicine. Sometimes, you just have to laugh, even when it doesn’t seem funny. Listen to your favorite comedian, watch a kooky movie or hang out with that friend that always makes you laugh. It can pull us out of the negative and give us a truer and brighter outlook.

  4. Health fosters resilience. When we feel exhausted, lousy, dehydrated, and undernourished, it is hard to bounce back. Take a break, breathe and consider what your body and brain need. Feed it, rest it, exercise it and take care of yourself. You will find you are better equipped to cope with adversity when you are physically and emotionally fit.

  5. Well-being fosters resilience. We have well-being when we nurture a positive view of ourselves and others. When we feel connected and confident in our worth, we are more hopeful and better able to keep things in perspective.

Building our personal character and the skills to avoid unnecessary pain in the first place is wise, but sometimes suffering is inescapable. It is then we want to be able to take it head on, sustain the blow and keep going.

As an organization, we foster a resilient team when we set clear expectations, equip people with the tools, time and authority to meet expectations and we truly care about one another. 

In those times when you face adversity, we hope you find that Jambalaya Group is here to stand with you so you will not just bounce back but bounce forward!

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5 Ways to Boost Your Ability to Bounce Back

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